Garage Door Spring replacement

Best Choice Overhead, LLC is a family-owned local company that provides Garage Door Spring Replacement. We take pride in our easy scheduling, emergency 24/7 repairs and same day garage door service reguarding your broken garage door spring.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Torsion Spring

When searching for Garage Door Spring Replacement there are a few things to take into consideration. The most common type of garage door spring that gets installed is a torsion spring, this will be a black or galvanized “coil” mostly mounted along the wall above the garage door. This system is allows the  garage door panels weight to be lifted with ease. Therefore these are very dangerous springs to work on unless by a trained professional. With a wide variety of spring sizes made it is very important that these are fitted properly for your exact garage door. With that being said, there are multiple applications that can be used on a single door. The mentioned length, wire size and inner diameter will determine the cycle count (number of times a garage door can open and close before breaking a spring) and I.P.P.T. (inch pounds per turn) a spring will be rated for. 

Extension Spring

Extension Springs are another spring system that is used often, these are actually a system that is sold in place of torsion springs to homeowners and DIY customers. The main problem with these springs is that each side of the door is operated by a separate system. Therefore as the springs weaken each system has different tension applied allowing the garage door to shake or “dance” side to side on the way down. Sometimes these systems are the only option due to headroom issues or budget reasons. We also carry a full line of extension springs, Pulleys, Cables and the required safety cables for these systems. Like mentioned before the Safety cable is a separate cable system that is mounted inside each side to secure the parts in the event of a spring being broken. 

Emergency Garage Door Repair

When a garage door spring breaks a garage door is no longer operable and becomes a huge inconvenience to the homeowner, unfortunately i have never heard of a good time for a spring to break. Meanwhile, repeatedly attempting to operate the garage door will result in additional costly repairs to the garage door and or garage door motor. Call Best Choice Overhead for Emergency Garage Door Repair on your broken garage door spring.

Wayne dalton torque master Repair


Wayne Dalton Torque Master Conversions are recomended to get rid of the broken Torque Master and convert it to a traditional torsion system. All Professional garage door companies will offer this as a quick solution, it converts your garage door to the system in which we all carry a full inventory of parts. Versus waiting several days if not weeks for a special order part, only to be repairing an inferior system known for longevity issues and performance problems. 

At Best Choice Overhead, LLC we value everyone as a customer no matter the job size.
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